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Our Story


Founded by Arturo Ibarra and his family in 1992, San Miguel Grill has been a beloved fixture in McKinney, Texas, for over three decades. What began as a humble venture quickly blossomed into a bustling eatery. In just a matter of days from opening, the restaurant was overwhelmed with patrons, prompting swift expansion. From its modest two rooms and 12 tables, the restaurant grew by 1,000 square feet in 1996 to better accommodate their dedicated clientele.

"The people here (of McKinney) have been so supportive and made this such a pleasant experience. I am happy to tell my family and friends that our kids went to college, and the cooks’ and waiters’ kids all went to college and everything to do this came from San Miguel, so I am grateful to the community. I love this place.”

“The food at San Miguel is all inspired by central Mexico, where I am from. They say central Mexico is where all of the good food and good traditions were born. It’s considered the heart of Mexico because it’s where so much comes from, so I’m happy to bring some of this to McKinney.”

Since inception, San Miguel Grill has been a culinary getaway. From the vibrant décor to the carefully crafted dishes, every detail transports you. After thirty years, locals keep coming back for the warmth of Mexican hospitality, the aromas of traditional spices, and the lively ambiance that makes many feel like they've truly stepped into the heart of Mexico. Arturo remains passionate to consistently offer fresh culinary experiences to his patrons. Both his chef and him find inspiration during trips to Mexico, crafting new creations that exude genuine flavors. During the summer months, the focus turns to seafood, a preference cherished by the customers. San Miguel Grill introduces a weekly fish special, featuring delectable options like salmon, mahi-mahi, and sea bass.

Arturo humbly says that the restaurant's success is interwoven with the support of the McKinney community. Arturo fondly shares how the restaurant has not only provided for his family but has also enabled the staff's children to pursue higher education. With gratitude for the community, he expresses his deep affection for the place he lovingly calls home.​​

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